Who designed the Milton Keynes Rose?

The Milton Keynes Rose is the creation of internally renowned artist Gordon Young who is one of the UK’s leading artists in the field of public art. With over 20 years’ experience he has created projects as diverse as a series of 20m sculptural/climbing walls in Blackpool, a forest of typographic trees in Crawley Library, a Wall of Wishes in a Bristol school, and a cursing stone in Carlisle.

Gordon’s most ambitious project to date is the Comedy Carpet, an 2,200m² granite typographical pavement made up of jokes, songs and catchphrases of comedians and writers which will be permanently installed on the new promenade in front of Blackpool Tower.

Gordon has a collaborative approach to working and has built up over the years strong and fruitful relationships with a diverse range of people from architects, landscape architects, graphic designers and engineers to foresters, cyclists, librarians, climbers, ornithologists, historians and code breakers.

Public art is not only about ideas and concepts, it is also about delivering on time, in budget and of the highest quality. Gordon has a close and committed team of artists and producers and together they have a proven track record in realising ambitious projects of the highest quality within given timescales and budgets.

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