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About the Milton Keynes Rose

What is the Milton Keynes Rose?

Designed by internationally renowned artist Gordon Young, The Milton Keynes Rose is a vast and impressive open-air circle with markings based on the mathematical beauty of a flower. 106 granite pillars of varying heights emerge from the surface, many of which are inscribed with dates of events that have local, national or international significance.

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How to Nominate a Pillar

How can a new pillar be nominated?

The Milton Keynes Rose records dates of events which are significant in the lives of people or organisations associated with Milton Keynes both past and present. Nominations for new pillar inscriptions must, therefore, specify a significant date with reasons.

One new pillar is due to be chosen by the Pillar Picking Panel once every two years. The panel, made up of representatives from the Cenotaph Trust, The Parks Trust and other influential members of the community will then consider the requests.
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About the Artist

Who designed the Milton Keynes Rose?

The Milton Keynes Rose is the creation of internally renowned artist Gordon Young who is one of the UK’s leading artists in the field of public art. With over 20 years’ experience he has created projects as diverse as a series of 20m sculptural/climbing walls in Blackpool, a forest of typographic trees in Crawley Library, a Wall of Wishes in a Bristol school, and a cursing stone in Carlisle.

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Getting Involved with Milton Keynes Rose

How to host an event or gathering

If you would like to get involved with MK Rose by holding an event there please see how to apply below.  Both Campbell Park and the MK Rose are used regularly for many different events and gatherings, we will be able to advise about all the activities taking place so that we can be certain that other planned events do not clash.  We would be happy to help ensure that all activities are safe and we can also help to promote your event.


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