This year, The Milton Keynes Rose have announced that they will be engraving two new pillars, adding to this civic place of remembrance situated in Campbell Park. 

One of the pillars will be in dedication to George Floyd from Minneapolis, who on 25th May 2020, tragically died after an incident that had a worldwide impact and reignited a push for racial justice and equality. The Pillar will offer the community an opportunity to come together to reflect on the importance of togetherness and the creation of a world where an incident such as that which ended the life of George Floyd would never be a reality again. 

Rev. Edson Dube of nominators the Milton Keynes Council of Faiths said, “Recognising this date and the importance of the Black Lives Matter movement will be of great significance to the entire community of Milton Keynes in asserting the city’s commitment to unity, equality and fairness for all people. “

The second pillar to be engraved in 2022, will be to commemorate The Windrush Generation. The chosen date of 22nd June 1948 celebrates the Windrush Generation and recalls the day that HMT Empire Windrush arrived at Tilbury docks. This ship brought with her the first wave of African Caribbean people to settle in the UK, invited to come from Commonwealth nations to help support the construction of post-war Britain. The Windrush Generation were true pioneers and contributed to the founding of the Milton Keynes we know today. 

Wain Macintosh Chairman of Friends of the Caribbean said “The Windrush Pillar will symbolise the achievements, and contributions of The Windrush Generations to Britain and in particular the Milton Keynes community. It honours their legacy and stands as a historic significance of Caribbean and African culture, industrialism and values.”

The Milton Keynes Rose hope that future generations will be able to look back on these Pillars as symbols of their community’s commitment to be a place where all people no matter what their race, feel welcomed and appreciated. Debbie Brock Chairman of the Milton Keynes Cenotaph Trust said, “The Milton Keynes Rose is a place for everybody – a space that is welcoming and can speak to everyone.”  

Francesca Skelton DL Milton Keynes Arts and Heritage Alliance Chair said “It is so important that the Milton Keynes Rose, our wonderful shared place of commemoration, is dedicating two new pillars supporting the Black Lives Matter movement and celebrating The Windrush Generation.  Milton Keynes is enriched both by its diversity and by our shared and unifying purpose to build a people’s city committed to inclusion, justice and equality.”