Fionnuala Boyd and Les Evans known as Boyd & Evans, are visual artists who live in the old town of Wolverton in Milton Keynes. The Development Corporation understood the importance of all art forms in helping to create successful communities, and becoming a place where people want to live, work and play; therefore the arts have been built into the fabric of Milton Keynes. The Development Corporation placed artists in communities, so early on in their careers Boyd & Evans became involved in delivering this vision. In 1981 Boyd & Evans accepted an invitation from the Development Corporation to move to Milton Keynes and to be Artists in Residence. Having already completed a commission in 1980 for the local Woughton Leisure Centre and they were commissioned to produce further art for the New Town. Their first commission involved them cycling around Milton Keynes so they could explore the quickly expanding New Town. These first large pieces of art remain in the Milton Keynes City Centre Library and at the Woughton Centre. Now with an international reputation, Boyd & Evans are just completing another commission for the large new entrance of Milton Keynes University Hospital.