Hilary Davan Wetton came to Milton Keynes to teach as Director of Music at Stantonbury Campus, the first new secondary school to be built in the New Town. His role was partly funded by the Development Corporation to include the development of music in the community of Milton Keynes. Hilary’s drive and tenacity led him to create two very successful key organisations that continue to thrive more than forty years later. In 1974 he formed the Chorale with thirty-six singers; today the Chorale has more than 120 members, who sing a wide repertoire. Hilary’s aim was to promote the enjoyment of good music by offering performances of highest artistic standards in friendly atmospheres. A year later, Hilary founded the Milton Keynes Chamber Orchestra, since renamed the Milton Keynes City Orchestra. He was its first Conductor, only departing in 2007. The orchestra is a professional freelance 3 orchestra providing first class experience, and attracts incredible soloists with international following. Passionate about education, Hilary also set up the Music Service in Milton Keynes, providing opportunities for all school aged children to access music lessons and instruments. Hilary is respected as one of Britain’s most versatile and dynamic conductors, but remains connected to Milton Keynes as Conductor Emeritus of the Milton Keynes City Orchestra.