Kenneth Baker (Ken) joined the Development Corporation in 1971 as part of the Central Milton Keynes team that designed the whole of the City Centre, from the railway station through to Campbell Park – a unique triumph. He was determined to make the best road layout possible with a strong degree of architectural intent in the infrastructure. He influenced the quality of design and materials used, including, what was considered at the time, innovative block-laying concrete bricks for the car parks, and the use of porte-cocheres and shallow and wide underpasses for people crossing under the roads safely. What the Central Area team’s intention, for the first and only Grade 2 listed shopping centre in the UK, was to create the High Street for the New Town with Middleton Hall as a great democratic space. Another first for Milton Keynes was creating the first purpose built ecumenical Church in the UK in 1991 in the City Centre. Ken delighted in being part of a team whose ambition was to for make things happen and create the best in the world. Ken contributed to the design of the Central Business District, and he was the architect responsible for the County Court.