“What attracted me to Milton Keynes was the thought of coming to a new city, with new opportunities and fresh ideas. Being able to move away from previously restrictive, stereotypical views and limitations for the development of disadvantaged children and their parents. I liked the idea of a blank canvas and being given the freedom and support to create an inspirational and happy learning environment for 3-18 year old multihandicapped children with an approach that would lead to the successful integration into mainstream school for its pupils. Oliver Wells School presented me with the opportunity to work in a pioneering way, recruiting an enthusiastic team of staff with a progressive attitude that could help deliver this vision for the school, in the new city of Milton Keynes”.

In 1979 Trevor Jeavons took up the Headship of the Oliver Wells School in Milton Keynes. It was a new purpose built school for multi-handicapped children. It was a wonderfully creative opportunity, developing the children, staff and philosophy of being a ‘community school’ extending its use to a Physiotherapy Dept, the ‘Council for the Disabled’, the ‘Toy Library’ and many other local organisations. After retiring from his headship Trevor took up the post of Senior Art Therapist in the Child Psychiatry Dept. at CAMHS, MK Hospital. He still maintains a connection with them providing professional supervision. In addition he continues to play his piano as he has done over the years, in a boogie-woogie jazz band, exhibiting his own ‘Art works’, writing a book on ‘Healing Art and Young People’ and regularly delivering Art Therapy workshops in Scandinavia.