Stephen Fuller (1945 – 2023) contributed to the design and development of Milton Keynes.

After working for Rowntree’s of York, where he identified a market for an after-dinner mint which became ‘After Eights’, he studied town planning at Nottingham Trent University, where Lee Shostak was a lecturer. Lee recruited Stephen, along with fellow graduate, John Walker, to work for the Milton Keynes Development Corporation. Stephen’s initial work was a strategy for development of local shopping in the new city. He then worked with the Energy Conservation Unit to deliver the Energy World Show Village in Shenley Lodge and its adjacent Energy Park in Knowlhill in 1986. He was the first CEO of the Corporation’s National Energy Foundation, chaired by Mary (later Lady) Archer. The Foundation devised the scheme of Energy Performance Certificates now required by law for selling houses. Stephen remained with the Development Corporation until its closure in 1992.